365 Coupe



International award winning boat with superior “all round” qualites, where socialising and other onboard activities have been combined with excellent long cruising characteristics. The 365 is all about functional design and is built for the conscious yachtsman who appreciate simplicity, comfort and safety but also for families who want to enjoy a perfect weekend cruise.

Award winning design

A redesigned and refined version of the prize-winning 365 model with “side-walk”. The boat is especially designed for families who enjoy entertaining and want to travel long distances while living on board in comfort and style. The focus of development has been on improving functionality and further increasing on-board comfort, ease-of-use and flexibility.

Function, function and function

The most eye-catching feature of the new boat is its appearance. The new 365 has a more modern design language, with sportier contours inherited from its sisters the 305 and 405. The intention has of course been to provide the boat with a new appearance more in harmony with the rest of the Coupé range but above all it is a matter of improved functionality.

Examples of this functional and improved design are stronger bumper list, improved visibility from the helm position and saloon, a new D-pillar with integrated ventilation, double sunroofs giving more natural light in the saloon, an extended aft roof for better shelter and easier canopy handling, a new, improved side door and redesigned pulpits with improved functionality and safety.

“With our new Coupé models, we are reaching an entirely new and generally younger target audience, one that prioritises simplicity, quality and socialising. This process began with the introduction of the 365 Coupé side-walk design, which won European Powerboat of the Year 2012. Since then, all new Coupé side-walk models have been nominated for or won prizes. We are positive about the future and feel secure in the knowledge that we have a series of really great models stuffed with functionality that we know customers want,” says Jonas Göthberg, Marketing Manager at Nimbus.



Lmax, Overall
11,56 m / 37,9 ft
Lh, Length of hull
11,37 m / 37,3 ft
Bmax, Overall beam
3,50 m / 11,5 ft
Bh, Beam of hull
3,50 m / 11,5 ft
Ha, Air draught
3,92 m / 12,9 ft
Air Draught, Folded mast
3,60 m / 11,8 ft
Th, Transport height
3,70 m / 12,1 ft
Thv, Transport height in cradle
3,85 m / 12,63 ft
Tmax, Draught
1,14 m / 3,7 ft
CoG, Centre of gravity D6
3,90 m / 12,8 ft
CoG, Centre of gravity 2 x D4
3,75 m / 12,3 ft
MLDC, max weight allowed
8471/8994 kg
MLCC, Weight
6391/6914 kg / 14090/15243 lbs
MMTL, Max total load
2080 kg / 4586 lbs
Max people
8 Pers.
CE category
4 + 2
Fuel capacity
700 l / 184,9 US gal
Water capacity
270 l / 71,3 US gal
Hot Water capacity
20 l / 5,3 US gal
Waste capacity
120 l / 31,7 US gal





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